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About Boutique Connection

Boutique Connection was set up to help boutique wine producers gain more recognition in an industry flooded with major brands with big marketing budgets. 


We do this by promoting them on our social media and having small amounts of their range available in our subscriptions and online shop. Most importantly, we work with them not against them by having zero membership fees and never undercutting their prices.


Boutique Connection connects you directly with unique boutique wine and the incredible stories of the greatest little producers in New Zealand, maybe even the world!


We are a platform to taste New Zealand’s greatest wine that you’ve never heard of. So welcome to Boutique Connection! Have a browse and remember, support the small guys.


How it works

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Each month brings a new mixed boutique wine pack to your doorstep. Our boxes showcase a vast range of incredible wine from New Zealand’s best boutique wine producers. Every box comes with tasting notes and our producers story so you can get to know the passionate people behind your wine.

Select your Pack

We select a mixed range of boutique wine for your packs that come from extremely small batches and are of premium quality. Absolutely nothing is mass produced and you will not find these wines in mainstream supermarkets.

We will deliver your monthly gifts

Your wine subscription will be sent out at the end of every month so you will regularly receive six beautiful boutique wines to taste and add to your collection.

Enjoy, eat, drink, & repeat

We offer quality wine with a story and real history, something a little different and special for you to enjoy each month. The subscription is ongoing and you can pause or cancel anytime.

The Boutique Three Pack Subscription

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Boutique Connection delivers quality, unique and small
batch produced wine directly to your doorstep.

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