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About Boutique Connection

We set up Boutique Connection to help boutique wine producers gain more recognition in an industry flooded with major brands with big marketing budgets.  

We dedicate our time to promoting boutique wine, creating awareness about NZ’s greatest premium small batch producers, and offer an authentic artisan subscription that allows our producers’ wine to be seen for what it is – premium, small batch goodness. Most importantly, we work with them not against them by having zero membership fees and never undercutting their prices.

Boutique Connection connects you directly with unique boutique wine and the incredible stories of the best little producers in New Zealand, maybe even the world!

We are a platform to taste New Zealand’s greatest wine that you’ve never heard of. So, welcome to Boutique Connection! Have a browse and remember, support the little guys!


How it works

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Our subscriptions are made up of small batch boutique wine from over 40 Boutique Connection producers.

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We don’t ask silly taste or smell questions, but we do want an idea of what you’re looking for, and most importantly if you want extra surprises… you’ll see!

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You’ll be refreshed with new boutique wines to try every month on rotation from the day you sign up!

Supporting the little guys

Finally, sit down, open a bottle of genuine boutique wine, read about our producers stories, and enjoy the fruits of their hard work.

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Boutique Connection delivers quality, unique and small
batch produced wine directly to your doorstep.

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