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Boutique Connection is an exclusive subscription, providing customers with the best boutique and unique wine that until now, was only available from cellar doors and select restaurants. We take the meaning of boutique very seriously and have sourced our wine from only the smallest vineyards and wineries out of New Zealand’s world renowned wine districts. We aim to help our producers showcase their wine to those who seek quality and a point of difference. Enjoy the hidden treasure that is New Zealand’s boutique wine!

Our Producers

Our family is made up of over 40 hand selected boutique New Zealand producers.

Their Wine

Handmade in small batches. Over 250 new wines to discover.

Wine Subscription

Made for people looking to find unique, interesting and quality small batch wine.

Support Small

Buying boutique wine supports hardworking New Zealand families and promising newbies.

How it works?

Select your subscription

Our subscriptions are made up of small batch boutique wine from over 40 Boutique Connection producers.

Tell us a bit about yourself

We don’t ask silly taste or smell questions, but we do want an idea of what you’re looking for, and most importantly if you want extra surprises… you’ll see!

Your monthly delivery

You’ll be refreshed with new boutique wines to try every month on rotation from the day you sign up!

Supporting the little guys

Finally, sit down, open a bottle of genuine boutique wine, read about our producers stories, and enjoy the fruits of their hard work.

Our Producers

Boutique Connection

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