About St Pauli Vineyard

St Pauli Vineyard is in the heart of Moutere, New Zealand. The vines are mature, having been planted in 2001. Owners Robyn and Gareth discovered the vineyard in 2017 when searching for a new adventure. Completely new to viticulture, the couple took a giant leap of faith, and so far, so good!


The vineyard is named in recognition of the region’s earliest German settlers who arrived on the St Pauli ship in 1843.


The land’s rich and loamy clay helps St Pauli sustainably produce premium wine as no irrigation is needed and the vines are fertilised by grazing livestock. The grapes are hand harvested and their wine is made and bottled locally by expert winemakers. The process is simple and traditional, with each vintage showing a unique and true expression of their work and the provenance of nature.


Robyn and Gareths wine journey started when they met in Bournemouth, UK five years ago. The couple decided to move back to Nelson where Robyn grew up so they could start a family and long story short, they had regular jobs in Nelson – Gareth as a roofer and Robyn as a midwife (which she still practices as). When searching for the perfect family home they realised that the Nelson market was out of their reach, so instead, they decided to buy a home that came with a business. When Robyn found the St Pauli Vineyard with her mum, she made an offer before Gareth had even stepped onto the property. Gareth quit his much loved job in Nelson and started his viticulture career pretty much straight away. Initially he had the guidance and support of the previous vineyard manager. Gareth is fantastic at maintaining the vineyard and has taken to it like a duck on water. Robyn deals with everything bar marketing and advertising, steading the ship! “I am still facing new challenges but working with Gareth and being able to spend more time at home with our family is incredibly rewarding” Says Robyn, “What do we love about it: We love working with nature and being outside, growing something that you see transform into a tangible product, and living a complete adventure as we face new choices and challenges continuously”.


St Pauli Vineyard is another fantastic example of the Kiwi dream, watch this space because this little boutique vineyard is going somewhere!

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St Pauli Vineyard

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